Nashville VE Team

Test Guidelines

  1. An FCC Registration Number (FRN) is required before an exam. If licensed, bring your license to the exam. If unlicensed, see the "CORES/FRN" part of this website for information on obtaining an FRN and then bring that FRN to the exam.
  2. Bring All ORIGINAL CSCE's, as well as copies, that you are using for element credit.
  3. A photo ID is needed to properly identify you. All examinees, including minors, must have proper identification to show the VE Team. If a minor does not have a photo ID, another form of identification such as a Social Security card, library card, school report card, school ID card, etc. may be used. Check with the VE Team contact person prior to the test session if you have any questions regarding what may be used for proper identification.
  4. The examination fee for the year (as of 2022) is $15.00. Checks are acceptable, payable to ARRL/VEC.
  5. After you pass the exam you came in to test for, you will be offered the opportunity to take the next higher examination without incurring an extra fee. As long as you continue to pass examination(s), you may continue to test to a higher level.
  6. In the unlikely event that you fail your examination, you may ask the VE Team to let you retest. If in the opinion of the VE Team Leader that your failure was just by a few questions, and that you feel confident that you will be able to pass the retest, you will be allowed to retest. An additional test fee of $15.00 will be required for the retest.
  7. Examinations must be taken in sequence: Technician first, then General, and finally Amateur Extra.
  8. If you are claiming an upgrade Tech Plus to General, because you held a Technician license prior to March 21, 1987, you are responsible for providing the VE Team proof of that fact. Some forms of proof include:
    • An FCC license dated prior to March 21, 1987.
    • A Call Bok showing your license status prior to 1987. If you use a 1987 Call Book, it must be the first published edition of 1987, and not a supplement.
    • A document from the FCC attesting to the fact that you qualify for the upgrade based on a license issued prior to March 21, 1987.
  9. You may bring a calculator to work on math problems on the exam. You will be required to show the VE Team members in the test room that any memory functions of your calculator have been cleared of any formulas needed to take the exam. You MAY NOT use the calculator function on a smart watch, smart phone, or tablet device for the examination.
  10. You are now ready to take the examination. You've studied hard and know the material, so it's time to take a deep breath and mark those circles on your answer sheet for your test. As you take your test, mark the answers for the questions you are sure of first. Then go back to the unanswered questions, and review the question and the four answers. In most cases, you will be able to eliminate one or two of the answers. Fall back on your studies, and more than likely, the correct answer will jump out at you.

Good Luck on Your Examination

Please note: The FCC now charges $35 to get your license and will directly send you a link to pay, after they have been paid they will send a link with your license in PDF form. You should rename this file and put it on your computer or cloud storage where you can find it. Also print a copy to keep with your radio.

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