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Nashville VE Team

Test Guidelines

Candidates should bring:

1. The ORIGINAL current Amateur license they now hold (if any).

2. All ORIGINAL CSCE's they are using for element credit (if any).

3. A COPY of their current Amateur license (#1 above, if applicable).

4. A COPY of each CSCE they are using for element credit (#2 above, if applicable).

5. A Picture ID to properly identify themselves. EVERYONE (including minors) must have proper ID for the VE Team. If a minor doesn't have a photo ID, another form of ID such as a Social Security card, library card, school report card, school ID card, etc. may be acceptable. Check with the VE Team prior to the Testing Session if you have any questions regarding what may constitute a proper ID.

6. The proper VE Test Fee for the year 2017: $15.00 (checks are acceptable. Make payable to "ARRL / VEC").

7. If you are claiming an upgrade from "Tech Plus" to "General" because you held a Technician License prior to March 21, 1987, you MUST furnish the VE Team proof of that fact. An old license with an issue date prior to 03/21/1987 is acceptable. A Callbook showing your license status prior to 1987 is also acceptable. Due to revisions made during the calendar year, please use a Callbook prior to 1988. If you use a 1987 Callbook, it must be the first published edition of 1987 and not a supplement. You can write to the FCC and request documentation of the fact that you qualify. There is also at least one commercial company that will research it for you for a fee. See the article beginning on page 68 of the February 2000 QST for more information. The burden of proof rests with the applicant. Please don't ask the VE Team to upgrade you without the proper documentation just because we might know you and know that you received your ticket fifteen or twenty years ago. WE MUST furnish proof along with your application for the upgrade to be valid.

8. Pencils for the tests. We will have a limited number on hand, but we obviously can't furnish pencils for everyone.

9. A calculator if you choose. Please be ready to let the VE Team examine it to ensure that there are no resident formulas in the calculator that could be used on the exams.

10. Your brain! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to pass these exams. You must study before the exam and then carefully check your work before you hand in your answer sheet for grading. Most candidates who miss passing an exam by one or two questions do so because of carelessness leaving an answer blank, for example, or accidentally marking the wrong letter. Please double-check your work!

Good Luck on your exam!


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