Nashville VE Team

The Nashville VE Team


The Nashville VE Team has been continuously offering amateur radio exams since 1986.  We began our testing in 1986 with our first test session at The Nashville Network production center at the Opryland complex in Nashville, Tennessee.  We have tested at other locations on an ad hoc basis, but we always held our regular sessions at the TNN studios.


In 2001 we moved our test sessions to the Crieve Hall Church of Christ in south Nashville near the intersection of Interstate 65 and Harding Place.  We have our test sessions on the second Saturday of March, June, September and December.

We started our thirty fifth year of testing in December 2020 and are looking forward to serving the middle Tennessee community with testing services for many years to come. 


This website will give you all the information you need to be prepared to take an exam for either your first ham radio license or to upgrade your existing license.  Please remember to bring all the materials requested.  We want you to succeed with your examination session and we try to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.  The examination sessions today are a far cry from the sessions that many of us “old timers” experienced at the U S Post Office under the stern eye of the FCC Field Engineer who made quarterly trips to a large city for the purpose of administering exams to the poor nervous wanna-be hams!


There are links on our website to valuable resources that offer practice exams, general information on amateur radio, and various organizations that promote amateur radio including the American Radio Relay League, the organization that sponsors our VE sessions.


We would welcome any comments and/or suggestions on what we could do to make this a more useful site for you.  Please email your comments to [email protected].



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